Release of Route Optimization API V1.1.0

A new version of the PTV Developer Route Optimization API is now available!

You can check the new features in the list below or use the API Changes webpage for more details.

Route Optimization API V1.1.0

  • Feature: Added functionality “mixed loading prohibitions” in order to exclude combination of orders of special categories in one trip.
    Therefore added field ‘loadCategory’ to ‘Transport’ and field ‘mixedLoadingProhibitions’ to ‘PlanningRestrictions’.
  • Feature: Added functionality “transport priorities” in order to define importance of transports.
    Therefore added field ‘priority’ to ‘Transport’ and added query parameter ‘considerTransportPriorities’ to startOptimization.
  • Documentation: Added concept for mixed loading prohibitions
  • Documentation: Added concept for transport priorities.
  • Documentation: Added concept for trip sections.

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