Release of Routing API V1.3.0

A new version of the PTV Developer Routing API is now available!

You can check the new features in the list below or use the API Changes webpage for more details.

Routing API V1.3.0

  • Feature: Added parameters to convert all toll prices to the selected currency. The used exchange rates are updated on a daily basis.
  • Improvement: The emission calculation does no longer require the parameter ‘averageFuelConsumption’.
  • Improvement: Additional errors and warnings are available.
  • Bugfix: Return HTTP status code 202 instead of 200 for the methods ‘startAndCreateReachableAreas’ and ‘startAndCreateReachableLocations’.
  • Bugfix: Return an empty array instead of null for the parameter ‘unreachable’ in the method ‘getReachableLocations’ when all locations are reachable.
  • Bugfix: Return a properly formatted error response when requesting an invalid parameter ‘routeId’ in the method ‘getRouteById’.

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