Release of Route Optimization API V1.5.0

A new version of the PTV Developer Route Optimization API is now available!

You can check the new features in the list below or use the API Changes webpage for more details.

Route Optimization API V1.5.0

  • Feature: New vehicle profiles for region IMEA.
    For Africa, Middle East and Asia there are four vehicle profiles available.
    Check details about vehicle profiles and supported countries in the concept page.

Plus several bugfixes

  • Bugfix: When a drivers availabilties or a locations opening intervals have a total span of more than 14 days, a proper exception message is returned.
  • Bugfix: Coordinates containing 0.0 as latitude or longitude are now correctly processed.
  • Bugfix: Improved handling of empty strings as start and end location ids for input vehicle.
  • Bugfix: When latitude or longitude is set as not a number (NaN), a proper exception message is returned.

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