Fastest, shortest … and now cheapest routes

Usually the ‘FAST’ routing mode tends to reduce the driver cost of your calculated transport routes due to shorter driving times, while ‘SHORT’ routing mode rather optimizes fuel consumption costs due to a shorter travel distance.

Multiple factors should indeed be considered in order to spare money : toll costs, energy costs, vehicle cost per kilometer, or even working-time cost per hour. Therefore, a new ‘MONETARY’ routing mode has been added in version V1.13.0 of the PTV Developer Routing API, to directly evaluate these factors within the objective function, in order to calculate the cheapest route according to our monetary cost model. Since V1.14.0 it is also possible to define costs per kWh for electric or hybrid vehicles.

In addition, you can now request detailed monetary cost reports even for routes calculated using the ‘FAST’ or the ‘SHORT’ mode, and then easily compare the resulting price for each mode in the desired currency.

The above example illustrates the result difference between the ‘FAST’ (in orange) and the ‘MONETARY’ (in blue) routing modes for a given start and destination.  

Please refer to our technical concept to get more information about when and how to use Monetary Costs routing, as well as the current limitations of this new mode. You can also try our new code sample to test it.  

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