Emission calculation with alternative drive-trains

The reduction of pollution and the sustainable increase in efficiency of transport chains to improve air quality are important factors in the logistics today. ISO standards therefore have been introduced to standardize the calculation of emissions that are released. Now, with the lately effective ISO/DIS 14083:2022 standard, new factors have been provided also considering alternative drive-trains.

With the new version of PTV Developer Routing API 1.14.0 the emission calculation has therefore been extended by this new standard. It enables now in addition to new factors the calculation of electricity consumption under consideration of new vehicle parameters for alternative drive-trains and can furthermore be combined with the latest factors of HBEFA 4.2.

This example shows the calculated emission consumption of a hybrid truck by using the factors of the ISO/DIS 14083:2022 standard and HBEFA 4.2

If you are interested in more detailed information, please refer to our technical concept – or even better, just try it out in our updated code sample or tutorial.

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By Nathalie Wurster

Senior Technical Product Manager