Release of Geocoding & Places API V 1.5.0 – Places Text Search

In the new version of the PTV Developer Geocoding & Places API V 1.5.0 you  find a new Feature for the POI / Places Search.

The new endpoint is named searchPlacesByText and enables you to find places by their name.
You have the possibility to insert a text to search for the places name. In addition to this you can specify an optional location bias as center or bounding box to sharpen the region you are searching in. 
Also the category and country filter helps to minimize the results to the relevant ones.

Try out code sample which gives you the possibility to see results out without any effort. The code sample allows you to manipulate the center point and bounding box. To do this you jus need to acitvate Center or Bounding box and click on the map icon.


{ "places": [ { "referencePosition": { "latitude": 51.50427, "longitude": -0.07565 }, "roadAccessPosition": { "latitude": 51.50427, "longitude": -0.07565 }, "address": { "countryName": "United Kingdom", "state": "England", "province": "London", "postalCode": "SE1 2", "city": "London", "district": "Bermondsey", "street": "" }, "formattedAddress": "Tower Bridge - London, London SE1 2", "name": "Tower Bridge", "categoryIds": [ "navteq-lcms:300-3000-0000", "navteq-lcms:550-5510-0242", "navteq-lcms:300-3000-0025", "navteq-lcms:300-3000-0023" ], "quality": {} },

If you need more information about this new feature please have a look at the API documentation or at the concept wich describes the purpose of this feature in detail.

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By Isabel Honikel

Senior Technical Product Manager