Planning electric vehicles and other new features

New Feature:


Ever thought about how to plan electric vehicles? How to limit the distance a vehicle can drive through one day?

Use the new features published in Route Optimization API 1.9.0 resp. Sequence Optimization API 1.6.0.

With maximumDistance you can restrict the maximum allowed total driving distance for the route. You can adjust this for each vehicle separately as battery charging state may be different for each vehicle. 

Additionally there are even more features available:

  • routeStartInterval (available in Route Optimization / Sequence Optimization): 
    Defines an interval in which the vehicle has to start its route. Start and end of the interval may be the same, then the vehicle has to start its route at a concrete point in time.
    Can also be used to model the existence of ramps and therefore the restriction, that only a limited number of vehicle per time can be handled at a depot.
  • maximumNumberOfCustomerStops (available in Route Optimization): 
    Restricts the total number of customer stops, i.e. stops at customer locations, for the route of this vehicle.

See also the concept page vehicles and drivers for Route Optimization resp. Sequence Optimization, which describes the functionalities in terms of vehicles and drivers in general.

You can check the new features in the list below or use the API Changes webpage for more details.

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