Origin / destination traffic in Austria

Truck restrictions on roads are put in place for a variety of reasons, including environmental protection or traffic management and can vary depending on the location, type of road, and local regulations – each of them has influence on a calculated route.

With the PTV Developer Routing API, the consideration of truck restrictions has now been extended to include origin / destination traffic in Austria.

Origin / destination traffic regulates restrictions on road sections depending on the location of origin and/or destination waypoints. It allows passing the sections for certain vehicle types if at least the origin and/or destination is located in a specified region declared by the government. The route calculation takes these restrictions into account by verifying the regions where waypoints are located and enabling or blocking the road section accordingly.

origin / destination traffic - example "Fernpass"
Example “Fernpass” (marked red): the road is closed for trucks with a total permitted weight > 7.5t – unless the origin or destination waypoint is located in on of the declared regions, in which case the road is also opened for trucks with a higher weight (left example). If both waypoints aren’t located in one of these regions, the initial weight restriction remains (right example).

If you are interested in more detailed information about truck restrictions, please refer to our technical concept.

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By Nathalie Wurster

Senior Technical Product Manager