• Set the right Biofuel ratio

    With the aim of sustainability, the EU intends to increase the share of renewable energies in the transport sector, which also includes a minimum share of biofuels. These fuels are produced solely from biomass. To meet the target, a ratio of biofuels has already been introduced in EU countries. …

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  • The total score is not enough? Address field scores now available

    When geocoding larger amounts of addresses you can use the total score to decide if the top result should be accepted automatically, or if it needs manual interaction.

    In the new version PTV Developer Geocoding & Places API V1.7.0 we have now introduced field scores.…

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  • Already tired? Use the work logbook!

    As you probably know you can consider driving time regulations for EU and US in our routing like break and rest rules for heavy goods vehicles. Up to now we assumed a well rested driver at the start of the route.

    In the new version of the PTV Developer Routing API V1.18.0 it is possible to include the already conducted work of the driver from a previous route.…

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  • Origin / destination traffic in Austria

    Truck restrictions on roads are put in place for a variety of reasons, including environmental protection or traffic management and can vary depending on the location, type of road, and local regulations – each of them has influence on a calculated route.…

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  • Welcome to our new PTV Developer Blog! 

    This is your space for all relevant updates and news about the PTV Developer APIs. Here we regularly publish articles about: 

    • New services and features 
    • New tutorials, code samples, and technical concepts 
    • API updates

    We have another blog dedicated entirely to PTV xServer.

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  • Include or exclude off-road segments in your optimization

    Some locations may not be directly adjacent to a public, cartographed road. For instance rural addresses with long driveways or large industrial sites. To account for this, the segment between the public road and the location is added to the route. …

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