• The total score is not enough? Address field scores now available

    When geocoding larger amounts of addresses you can use the total score to decide if the top result should be accepted automatically, or if it needs manual interaction.

    In the new version PTV Developer Geocoding & Places API V1.7.0 we have now introduced field scores.…

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  • Already tired? Use the work logbook!

    As you probably know you can consider driving time regulations for EU and US in our routing like break and rest rules for heavy goods vehicles. Up to now we assumed a well rested driver at the start of the route.

    In the new version of the PTV Developer Routing API V1.18.0 it is possible to include the already conducted work of the driver from a previous route.…

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  • Include or exclude off-road segments in your optimization

    Some locations may not be directly adjacent to a public, cartographed road. For instance rural addresses with long driveways or large industrial sites. To account for this, the segment between the public road and the location is added to the route. …

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  • Arrive on the correct side of street


    Having to cross a busy road is a time-consuming and often dangerous task. To avoid this, you may prefer to plan trips in such a way, that the vehicle arrives on the correct side of the road.

    With the new matchSideOfStreet parameter, this is now possible in the Route Optimization API V1.10.1 and Sequence Optimization API V1.7.1.…

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  • Planning electric vehicles and other new features

    New Feature:


    Ever thought about how to plan electric vehicles? How to limit the distance a vehicle can drive through one day?

    Use the new features published in Route Optimization API 1.9.0 resp. Sequence Optimization API 1.6.0.

    With maximumDistance you can restrict the maximum allowed total driving distance for the route.…

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  • Release of Geocoding & Places API V 1.6.0 – Suggestions by Address

    In the new version of the PTV Developer Geocoding & Places API V 1.6.0 you find a new Feature supporting the Locations by Address endpoint.

    The new endpoint is named Suggestions by Address and enables you to get suggestions for the input fields of the Locations by Address search.…

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